Ozone treatment of indoor air is now a very common, widely used air purification and disinfection process. Our devices use VUV light for ozone production, rather than corona discharge. We do not need to use air preparation systems (air dryer or oxygen concentrator) that require extra costs and maintenance. The UV ozone generator, unlike the corona discharge generator, does not produce harmful nitrogen by-products and works extremely well even in humid air. In our case, the electrons connect the ozone molecule in bonding molecular orbital, while in the case of corona discharge, they mostly circulate in an anti-bonding orbital. In the latter case, ozone molecules do have higher energy, but they can be dangerous, as they can exert their decomposition properties unexpectedly and with great force even where we did not expect it.
The main advantage of ozone compared to other treatment methods for air disinfection is its ability to treat efficiently large air volumes. A gas that can reach every corners of the room, so it can disinfect the entire room effectively. It is characterized by very strong oxidizing and good penetration ability. As ozone gas is unstable, unreacted ozone converts quickly back into its original form, oxygen (O2), leaving behind no harmful by-products after the disinfection. It is recommended for use in apartments, industrial buildings, restaurant kitchens, doctor's offices, changing rooms and gyms, food storage rooms and all rooms where there is a need for pathogen-free and clean air.

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